About Funfoodle

Funfoodle-photoFunfoodle gives parents and caregivers a fun and educational way to expose their kids to nutrition education and food exploration. Currently, no programs are available to foster healthy eating to the 3-to-6 year old age group through song, storytelling, taste tests and play. Studies have shown children who are exposed early to a wide variety of foods, have wider taste preferences, and ultimately better nutrition. Funfoodle maximizes the benefit of early exposure and education so your child’s health and nutritional habits are improved for life.

Funfoodle is an eight-week series of interactive food exploration classes that are often a child’s first formal introduction to nutrition education and the fun of food. The Funfoodle experience includes music, taste-tests and hands-on activities that explore a “Food-of-the-Day” in detail. The Funfoodle experience is safe, age appropriate, kitchen-free, and hypo-allergenic. Funfoodle also encourages parents and caregivers to continue the Edible Education at home via access to additional food activities, recipes, nutrition tips and advice.

Because young children respond well to routine, Funfoodle classes have a common rhythm from week to week. When the children arrive, they don their Funfoodle chef’s hat and sing the opening Funfoodle song. Next is the introduction to the Food-of-the-Day which includes a multi-item taste test and a special song created to highlight elements associated with that food. Last are the hands-on activities to further explore the Food-of-the-Day and create a snack or part of a mealtime dish from scratch.

Winter Classes Start January 29th!

Campbell Recreation Center
Tuesdays 9:15-10am
January 29-March 19
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