Everybody gets something fun and educational out of the Funfoodle interactive experience. After all, we put the fun in food!
Children Get:
Kids learn where a fruit, vegetable or grain grows, what foods contain it, how that food nourishes a growing body, and how it feels, smells and tastes. Tapping into a child’s natural curiosity, rather than teaching them what foods are “good” or “bad” increases their desire to eat new things. When food is mixed with fun, kids don’t know they’re being educated. Need more? We also include a Funfoodle child’s chef hat and a CD of the food songs used in class. Your Funfoodle CD includes original songs with fun and educational lyrics. There is a song to accompany every class and every Food-of-the-Day.

Parents Get:
Parents gain Funfoodle knowledge of how to best handle their picky eater, strategies for incorporating new or disliked foods and tips for making food fun rather than a source of frustration. We consider parents (and caregivers) our students too and we help them continue Edible Education at home with suggested follow up food experiences, recipe tips and nutrition notes geared to kids and busy families.

You Both Get:
Quality time together and the fun of experiencing foods in different ways.

Funfoodle is for you and your children if:

  • You think your child is a picky eater.
  • You need ideas for making food “fun” rather than a source of frustration.
  • You’d like to expand your child’s palate and taste preferences.
  • You’re looking for educational activities that taste good and combine food and nutrition exposure with math skills, motor skills and silliness!
  • Your child has an automatic fear of new foods.
  • Your child shows an interest in preparing food but you don’t have time to “play” when you’re cooking dinner.
  • “Food fights” with your child are unpleasant and his/her food preferences make preparing meals burdensome.
  • You know it’s good to let your child explore food but just not in your clean kitchen!

Winter Classes Start January 29th!

Campbell Recreation Center
Tuesdays 9:15-10am
January 29-March 19
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